Careernet Introduces New Brand Identity


India’s chief talent solution provider, Careernet declared the beginning of its new Brand naming.

They reshuffled their brand value and specification like trustful customer service, devotion, and clarity. They modified their logo and website for rebranding purposes. Their new statement ‘We make it Happen’  means when it comes to happen through important skill, determination, ideas, and customer serviceThe current changes, they are offering a new method of service contributed to the client. They also offer Talent Acquisition Programmes to large organizations.

Careernet has watched the Talent Acquisition of the country and created a change in itself with the varying enlisting dynamics. The Trademark is a multi-layered one with yellow graphics including a smiling emotion, with a letter “c” on it. The blue color with the letter ‘n’ also explains human relationships and emotions.

One of the major features of the brand is that has more experience with online services, which are more feasible to current users. Careernet aims to challenge the professional environment of 2020 with this new logo.

Anshuman Das, CEO, and CO-Founder, Careernet, say that Through ‘We make it Happens’ they are promising reliability and promise by giving the right opportunities which become our strength. They have a history of more than 20 years in recruiting industry.

Through rebranding, mainly aims to provide good customer service and speed. The long-term connection with the organization creates trust and relationships, which Makes it happen for them each time.  For those who are searching for a Passionate entire team, we are supporting them to find their fruitful talents by discovering their true potential.

Trust and Sincerity are the major keys provided by Careernet. Thus they have grown to be India’s top talent solution markets. They exhibited good talent by keeping the procedures easy and understandable. By giving these values, they are providing a path to someone who needs a job and through entering the organization they become ready to perform from the beginning.

As a next step, they are changing their attention towards transformational experiences. The major aim of the organization is to enhance and improve the experience of the users from a new logo and their website.

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