Case Study: #OrgasmInequality: Durex spreads organic engagement


Durex released its latest product Mutual Climax for consumers to be ‘champions of shared pleasure’. Hence, a chance for the couple to #ComeTogether.

Step 1 – #OrgasmInequality: Durex India spread a statistic around the public about inequality in orgasm to ignite a debate about it.

Step 2 – #FakeOrgasm: Pooja Bedi initiates the matter and draws the audience to get the audience to talk about their experiences on fake orgasm and their story.

Step 3 – #OrgasmsDecodedWithPoojaBedi: Pooja Bedi goes live online and evaluates issues at hand during the conversations and offers solutions for the same.

Step 4 – #DurexMutualClimax: Finally, the launch of the product, Durex Mutual Climax Condoms.

Just before the launch of the product, Durex India led the world to know about the issue at hand, #OrgasmInequality, by spreading a statistic among the audience that 70% of women in India do not orgasm during sex. Hence, they lead the campaign by asking the audience’s opinion on the percentage and sparking a debate on this topic about orgasm.

The second phase of the campaign was ‘What happens when you don’t orgasm together? #FakeOrgasm’. This was where Pooja Bedi posted a video climaxing the entire orgasm inequality debate. Women influencers tweeted using the hashtag: #IFakedItToo. This, then, became a movement and more people were drawn in to share their fake orgasm experiences.

#OrgsmsDecodedWithPoojaBedi, this was the third phase where Pooja Bedi went live on the Twitter handle of Durex to evaluate the issues at hand and offered solutions for the same. Then, once enough stimulation was ignited around this issue, the new product Mutual Climax Condoms was launched by Durex.

The entire campaign was about inequality in orgasm, for both the parties to be able to orgasm together. Most of the time, men are oblivious as to how the female anatomy functions during sex. Women sometimes are left with no options but to fake it, since men orgasm earlier. There is a visible gap in India where women’s orgasm attainment is lower than that of men due to many reasons. Therefore, this campaign is to make men realize that women need more time.

Durex shook hands with influential men and women Kenny Sebastian, Kunal Kundra, Saloni Chopra, Aditi Mittal, and the list is long. They shared their views on Orgasm Inequality and leverage the spread of the message.

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