Central Govt Employee’s Pension rules reformed amid COVID-19 Pandemic


As per the 7th Pay Commission: Central Government employees pension rules have been amended, more simplified and made easy amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The government has taken such a step because of this pandemic so that no family have to face any problems for withdrawing the pension and have no shortage of funds and can get a pension without any interruption.

According to recent changes undertaken by the Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare(DoPPW) amid pandemic,  provisional family pension will be approved directly as soon as on receipt of the claim for the family pension and death certificate from the eligible family members submitted to the respective authority without waiting for other formalities or procedural requirements to be completed.

Point to be noted that such provisional family pension will be applicable in case of death happening during the pandemic,  either because of covid-19 or non-covid-19 reasons. All Employees will get benefited from this Central Government pension.

Amendments in Provisional Family Pension Rules

Earlier, under Rule 80(A) of Central Civil Services(CSS) Pension Rules, 1972, on the death of a Central Government Servant during the service, the Head of the office shall sanction and draw provisional family pension and death gratuity in favour of the litigant i.e. eligible family members only after its being forwarded to Pay & Accounts Office(PAO).

However, because of the current pandemic, the government has decided that provisional family pension may be directly sanctioned on receipt of a claim for family pension and death certificate duly submitted from an eligible family member, without waiting and ensuring the hassle-free process of providing the family pension to family members without forwarding to PAO and waiting for their confirmation.

Provision of Pension for one year

According to other major amendments declared by the government recently, is that the payment of the provisional family pension may be extended up to 1 year, prior it was 6 months from the date of retirement with the confirmation of PAO and after being approved by the Head of Department i.e. DoPPW.

Rule 64 of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, provides that the sanction of provisional pension and provision gratuity in cases where a government servant is likely to get retire before the finalisation of his pension for which… A copy of the draft letter has to be submitted to the concerned authority for consent and approval.

However, because of the current pandemic, the DoPPW issued instructions for grant of provisional family pension in following with Rule 64 (CCS) Pension where there is a lot of formalities and paperwork required before getting the pension and making it a stress-free process.

As DoPPW has been working time to time, very delicately and answering to each of issue concerned with Pensioners and senior citizens. Changes in pension rules have been taken in the rouse of this pandemic and to help the central government employees.

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