Government finalizes pension settlement process in case of retiree expiring before filing


Rule 59 of the Central Civil Service (Pension) Rule,1972 is followed while processing the pension of a government employee who has retired. The rule states that the government employee is supposed to submit the pension papers six months before the date of superannuation. But it happens so that in some situations, the employee passes away before being able to file the pension papers. The government has decided to remedy this situation by finalizing the procedure that would be adopted in such circumstances and how would the processing and the sanction of the pension be done in respect of the deceased government employees and for the sanction of family pension to his or her family. An employee can claim his pension as soon as he retires from his service. In the same way, the family is entitled to claim a family pension on the death of the government employee during or after his retirement.

But if no submission of pension is made at the right time within the stated period the PPO is not issued and it makes the process of sanctioning family pension to the eligible family member of the deceased all the more difficult. It is therefore strictly recommended that the timeline for such submission and the processing of the pension papers must be followed. To avoid hardships to the family in case these timelines couldn’t be followed, the government, jointly with the Controller General of Accounts has come up with the following procedure to be adopted in these special circumstances-

–         Form 14 is the Application for family pension on death of a Government servant/pensioner/family pensioner and From 3, which gives the details of the family has to be submitted to the Head of Office by the spouse of the deceased or in their absence, a family member eligible for family pension.

–         The Head of Office on receiving these will first process the case in Form 7 which is the form for assessing pension, family pension, and gratuity and will send to PAO for authorizing pension and family pension, Form 3, Form 14, Form 20 (sanction for family pension on death of pensioner/family pensioner) along with a forwarding letter in Form 8.

–         The PAO would then authorize the pension or the family pension to the spouse or an eligible family member and only PPO shall be issued in Part-II of PPO. Part III wouldn’t be relevant here which for deceased employees who were in service then.

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