CIPLA ropes in Parupalli Kashyap and Vikas Khanna to bust myths around inhalers


India is a country with a population of more than 136 crores, with about 6% of children and 2% of adults suffering from asthma. India being a country with worsening levels of pollution, coping with a respiratory illness is a huge problem that many people struggle with day in and day out.

In their newly launched #BerokZindagi initiative, CIPLA aims to eradicate the misconceptions about asthma & the use of inhalers. They have sought to crack misconceptions and reduce the fear of inhalers with this initiative and enable asthmatics to experience life without restrictions. India has over 37 million cases of asthma, and the use of inhalers has been significantly poor, considering this enormous number. Through their Asthma Ke Liye #InhalersHainSahi messaging, Cipla looks forward to educating individuals about the use of inhalers.

CIPLA emphasizes, through its promotional video, the most important questions that occur when an inhaler is first administered. As it incorporates a first-person perspective, the campaign is more authentic. The promotional video includes the award-winning badminton player Parupalli Kashyap,  Michelin celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna, two famous celebrities who have conquered asthma.   The campaign video, with their support, annihilates misconceptions & addresses the most popular questions people have. The video also sheds light on how, much like Vikas Khanna and Parupalli Kashyap, one overcomes challenges and works to attain a successful and fulfilling life.

Curated with a concentrated ‘Asthma Ke Liye #InhalersHainSahi’ message and endorsed by celebrities who have encountered and discussed this issue, the initiative invites audiences to correct and make informed decisions about misconceptions. The campaign stresses removing the anxiety prevalent surrounding inhalers with the idea of overcoming these societal stigmas through consumer education.

Nikhil Chopra, Executive Vice President and Head of India Market, Cipla, discusses the role and strategy of the brand to refute myths and stereotypes about inhalers, and the approach taken by the pharmaceutical industry to do so. Our aim is to still retain a patient-centered perspective and, in this situation, increase awareness about countering inhalation therapy misconceptions, in addition to increasing the willingness of people to speak about asthma and its care.

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