Citroen India: A Car buying experience from home


During the increase in the pandemic, car manufacturers like Tata Motors are implementing phygital as a quick approach. Citroen India a new company had also adopted this approach for the immense use of 3D to ensure a safer buying experience for their customers. A 3D visualization Platform by Eccentric Engine is also implemented at both online as well as in-dealership touchpoints by providing them with a real-time 3D visualization. The user is provided with a customised feel with the help of OTA updates. The 3D Configurator from the company’s website provides the customers with a cinematic experience of the Citroen Advanced Comfort Program and also with a demo of the features, accessory and variant options to bring a real visual experience to the customers.

As per the last three months records, more than 2.5 lakh people have visited their website. More than 38 lakh interactions and booking of Citroen C5 Aircross was also done online. The showrooms also provide us with display vehicle and also have 1:1 personalized experience zones, are also set by Citroen dealership across India for a smooth 3D experience. The staff exhibits these 3D configurators to different customers to accentuate their user experience. The real texture of the vehicle fabric, the two trim levels in-depth, various colour schemes, as well as accessories can also be experienced by the customer. The main concern is that they are not sure about, whether it suits the customer or not. With the advancement of technology, there will be an option of test driving the car online, this will become an important part of the process of buying.

Varun Shah, co-founder & CEO, Eccentric Engine, said “They are very much excited to be a part with Citroen and contribute to their new transition as they mark their debut in India. Photorealistic CGI Images has been a common practice in the field of the automotive industry. As the new Citroen C5 Aircross SUV emerged they have given access to photorealistic 3D Visualization through the Internet. This is not only the first in Indian industries but also across the world. By the latest update, they have taken vehicle exploration to a whole new level “.

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