Confluera declares innovative reseller program for progress detection and response capabilities


Confluera announces the launch of its Confluera 2020 Reseller Program, which is the autonomous detection and response company which It will be promoted by its state-of-the-art technology to freely detect and answer to incidents related to cybersecurity.

Tevora is executed to be combining with Confluera to provide advanced security response services to the customers by joining Confluera 2020 Reseller Program. They are the first partner to join the program which supporting Confluera’s autonomous platform to develop high profitability in a short period, strong detection, and response capabilities into their offerings. To make it easy to use the program is designed from a reseller viewpoint i.e. simple to deploy, maximum detection, and response security capabilities.

Mukesh Singh, Vice President of Sales, Confluera stated that at Confluera they are dedicated to helping protect customers to easily detect and respond to cyber threats.Confluera 2020 reseller program exists to empower our partners with the cybersecurity expertise, products, and services they need to differentiate themselves from the competition and stay protected from today’s continuous cyber threats.

The innovative technology of Confluera called Confluera XDR, which operates cloud and data center infrastructure automatically and sequencing attack steps along the kill chain, automatically detecting and stopping multi-stage attacks to breach detection and response. Confluera XDR provides precise attack narratives powered by the Continuous Threat Interception™ engine which removing alert fatigue, reducing the cost of security operations, and minimizing risk.

Nowadays cybercriminals are continuously trying to make use of organizations with advanced hacking techniques which frequently resulting in devastating data breaches. The Confluera 2020 Reseller Program is permitting organizations with a wide range of autonomous capabilities to control data breaches which deterministically trace ongoing cyber threats and stop them before any damage occurs. The new partner program is providing an innovative way to exercise security.

Ray Zadjmool, CEO and founder, Tevora stated that they can certify to the benefits of being a Confluera customer and have no doubt that the new reseller program will deliver even stronger help for companies looking to improve their detection and responses capabilities.

The goal of Confluera is to redefine the security paradigm by developing autonomous detection and response capabilities to deal with new cyberattacks. By changing security analysts into cyber defenders by assisting them to stop breaches in their tracks are the aims of Confluera.


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