Conversational AI advancement in Education Sector


The pandemic has become a key inducer of artificial intelligence such that AI is now a way of life. Big companies are leveraging AI to enhance their business dimension. E-commerce platforms are heavily employing Conversational AI which is one of the most advanced forms of AI bots. It is transforming the field of education as well. 

The Education Sector’s Socio-economic Condition in Covid-19

With social distance becoming the norm, education and pedagogy have become mobile. Education institutions are looking for new ways to promote comprehensive teaching approaches that are free of flaws. AI has been a substantial and consistent filler of gaps in research and education, resulting in tailored and flawless educational standards. Global education investments are rising and the education sector is adopting high-end technologies to eliminate all possible drawbacks in online education. So we can say that the socio-economic status of the education sector has remained strong.

Conversational AI Integration in Education

Conversational AI has become an inextricable part of today’s teaching and learning techniques. By facilitating natural discourse, this breakthrough AI solution promotes smooth communication between users and computers. One of the most important requirements in virtual education is natural dialogue. With the help of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Conversational AI targets to clarify queries from students and to provide human-like responses as fast as possible.

Having a conversation with AI chatbots may appear intimidating at first, Conversational AI mimics human behavior to satisfy the needs of students. Some of the benefits obtained from Conversational AI are:

Customized Learning Experience: Teaching and learning demands are always changing. Conversational AI is capable of giving customized and individualized learning that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual.

Automation of Administrative works: Administrative works are an important part of the field of education. While dealing with administrative responsibilities might be burdensome at times, Conversational AI can help by automating all administrative processes.

Accurate Feedback Delivery: Feedback is essential for both students and teachers. Conversational AI arranges the correct feedback for faculties and students. Feedback leads to filling up the gaps in the teaching and learning processes.

Conversational AI incorporation in education has produced outcomes that have contributed to redefining the face of the education sector, making virtual education a new normal.

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