Corona: The beer ad by Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg, 48-year-old stars on the commercial, not for the Coronavirus but for the brand of beer.

One chill dude is Snoop Dogg. He is literally boozing cool and high life. But this time around we see the much-loved 48-year-old rapper enjoying the good beach life with a Corona beer in hand.

What is He doing exactly? Well, he’s part of the first few ads for a campaign called ‘La Vida Más Fina.’ This is a strategic campaign to unify all of Corona’s beer portfolio.

In the ad, we see Dogg ranting about everyone stuck in social media in a beach robe and trying to keep up with it.

According to PR Newswire, Dogg said, “You can’t choose everything in life but you can always decide to find the great in life. So with anything happening in the world, that’s a perspective people would really need to know right now. Teaming up with a label like Corona to inspire everyone to find more good in life, that’s ‘La Vida Más Fina’.”

‘La Vida Más Fina’ is a highly integrated campaign on Corona’s social platforms, featuring a deeply committed Giphy library, digital support, PR, and commercial spots for 15 and 30-second television that will air during the NBA playoffs and final. In the USA, the NBA stands for The National Basketball Association.

The campaign would soon feature other personalities with their very own take on ‘La Vida Más Fina’ in an attempt to share a diverse range of viewpoints.

The campaign started to take shape earlier this year but was delayed when unexpected cultural aspects came into the picture. Since then ‘La Vida Más Fina’ has progressed in subtle ways to address current consumer lifestyle discussions and shifts.

And now the brand is ready to share its refreshed perspective with the world, with the comeback of professional sports — a segment that Corona has long supported.

Along with some coronavirus-derived PR headaches, production of Corona ground to a halt in April when the Mexican government lockdown the country in a move to slow the spread of the virus. Still, at-home beer sales increased as buyers focused on stocking their fridges during lockdowns. Constellation Brands reported that Corona’s sales since March 2020 have increased by more than 17%.


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