Customer Data Platforms- Big Data and MarTech Gateways


Businesses get maximum intuitions from customer big data to make martech a successful and a pleasant exercise. Customer data platforms are seen by many enterprise marketers as the solution. The big data technologies offer integrated insights to actionable customer data. These perceptions come from the offerings and customer’s expectations of more personalized content and better customer experiences. Customers want to have customised attention, but they also want to know how their data is being used and what is happening with their data.

Decoding Three Pillars of Customers Data Platforms

Data-Customer Data Platform (CDP): The data CDP is similar to a customer data base; it sums up data merging, data aggregation using standard connectors within the CDP. The solution brings the fundamental functions for diagnostics, backup and data monitoring for quality so that the best data pipelines are promised within the CDP already during data merging.

Analytics-Customer Data Platform (CDP): An analytics CDP improves the CDP’s internal customer database with customer segmentation information and customer profiles. Later, an analytics CDP deploys this data to transform into information, partly with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. This is done to execute selections and regulate target groups for subsequent utilization.

Engagement- Customer Data Platform (CDP):  Engagement CDP stands for customer database, analysis/selection and campaign initiatives. Through standard connectors and identity matching, it develops the customer perceptions necessary for targeted campaigns, makes segments to address customer positioning.

Fitting Customer Data Platforms to the MarTech Architecture Chief Marketing technologists fit CDP into their organisational strategically. When choosing the right type of CDP, marketers and the tech teams should always regard the major areas covered by the individual types of the customer data platform.  If business requirements require combining of customer data, a data CDP is the first option; if they focus on analytics then martech professionals should choose analytics engagement CDP. Other than that, enterprises must not exclude the earlier created use cases representing their business model for choosing a customer data platform from the right group to target and reach to their customers with product and service offering that create a delightful experience.


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