Cycle Pure Agarbathi introduces 21-day paternity leave policy


N. Ranga Rao & Sons (NRRS), which is one of the largest manufacturer of agarbathi in the world and makers of Cycle Pure Agarbathi announced a paternity leave policy on the occasion of Father’s Day, granting a paid leave of 21 days to their employees for welcoming fatherhood.

This initiative will enable new fathers to spend valuable time with their babies and support their spouse during this period. The policy will come into effect from 20th June, 2021, and will entitle the working fathers of the company to three weeks of paid leave to be fully involved in baby care.

Paternity leave was not at all a concept in India for a long time. There is no mandatory government rule for paternity leave policy for men. They are normally offered one or two weeks of paid leave in a government organization whereas the leave policy in the private firms differ from company to company. Most of these private companies don’t offer paid leave for fathers.

This move by Cycle Pure Agarbathi of bringing paternity leave policy is to ensure that fathers get enough paid time off with their infants and wives when they are needed the most. One of the important things this pandemic taught us is that we are stronger together as we are there for each other. Each member has to contribute to the wellbeing of a family.

Arjun Ranga, who is the Managing Director of Cycle Pure Agarbathi, said that they wanted to surprise their employees with this announcement on Father’s day. He added that their core belief is family business values with professional management and this initiative reflects it.

“Paternity leave for dads will guarantee the well-being of our employees’ families. Birth of a child is a priceless occasion for a family and the new moms need time as well as support during this period. The twenty-one day paid paternity leave will help our employees embrace the precious time of parenting,” Ranga said.

Cycle Pure Agarbathi decided to broaden this benefit after giving paternity leave to an employee, Ravichandran, working as a Junior Production Supervisor, to support his wife before and after the birth of their child. The benefit was really helpful to Ravichandran in view of the special pregnancy of his wife as she is the first person in the country to become pregnant naturally and deliver a healthy baby after a Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplant (SPKT).

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