‘WeWillTakeOffAgain’ Goibibo Honouring Youth for fighting against the pandemic


 Goibibo has started a new campaign to honor the fighting spirit of the youth during the tough time.

COVID-19 has led to a dramatic loss of human life all around the world. Millions of people are at risk of falling into extreme poverty, malnutrition, and poor health. Also, the pandemic has affected all the segments of the population particularly people living in poverty situations, older persons, persons with disabilities, and youth. People who are homeless are highly exposed to the danger of the virus. They don’t have proper shelter, food and no one cares about them. Also, the older persons are highly in the risk situations because of the COVID-19. They are not only struggling because of health issues; also they are not capable of being strong by themselves during the isolation.

So, to bring awareness among the people one should take the step and spread hope. The youth came forward to help the people and motivating them to be stronger and dare to fight the challenges.

Through various ways like social media and others, they are always trying to help the needy. Some of them neglect the safety measures and will not follow, for them they are trying to give a message through social media. Also, people who are homeless with no food are staying on the roadsides, for them they are trying to provide food. Not only for them also if there is an emergency need they will immediately react and try to help through the online resources.

They are the true warriors in the country fighting against the second wave of coronavirus. Taking an initiative and spreading awareness and bring hope in everyone’s life.

To honor the youth for their efforts, Goibibo launches its new campaign “WeWillTakeOffAgain”. Through this campaign, they would prefer to thank and applaud youth for stepping forward and helping the people directly or indirectly who are tormented by the virus. Also, their contribution and deliver a message of hope. Most are being privileged about their services and reaching out too many people, influencing them with their inspiring and pleasing conversations.

 These tough times will pass and their drive, resolve, and passion will make them fly to new heights.

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