Licious and FreshToHome take a Step to attract the meat lovers


Most of the Indians love meat and fish. So, whenever people want to eat they don’t need to go to wet markets and buy stockfish or meat. Instead of visiting the wet market, there is the ease of getting fresh meat and fresh through the e-commerce services like FreshtoHome and licious.

Both FreshToHome and Licious were launched in 2015. Both brands provide fresh meat and fish without any chemicals and antibiotics. Customers can easily buy their favorite fish, steak, or any item online. Staying at Home and placing a wide variety of choices with one click. Their service and packaging everything will be perfect. Customers can also save time and fuel by using online services. 

Slowly the brands’ value increased and customers preferring to buy them online. Most of the consumers told that comparing with the wet markets where they use ice cubes, chemicals, and antibiotics the licious and FreshToHome provides a chemical-free and fresh meat.

Most of the doubt that without using any chemicals and antibiotics how the meat is so fresh?

The commercial fisher-folk use trawlers who spend over a week in seeing. Also, fisherman adds chemicals and antibiotics to avoid bad smell and keep them so long. To avoid all these Licious collaborated with 15 small-scale fisheries meat-producing farmers. The products will be stored in cold chains at 0-4 degrees centigrade till the time of delivery. FreshToHome sources meats and fish directly from livestock framers and fishermen without any middleman in between. 

Licious also use Tender cuts as the source of delivering fish and meat to the local communities. Licious use the Internet of things(IoT) devices to keep an eye on the temperature of the delivery box, Tender cuts use gel packs. FreshToHome uses AI-powered supply chain technology. 

Both brands have a different approach based on the products and strategies but their similarities are the same. Competitively Both Companies running their campaigns also for both the brands common enemy was wet markets and meat sellers. 

Licious launched a campaign “coast to home in 24 hours” based on freshness benefits, Meanwhile, FreshToHome launched a “ready-to-cook” style. They also use Tender as their keyword. FreshToHome offers Tender cuts of mutton, Licious offers Tender chicken legs from perfectly weighted chicken. Both brands are equally competing and attracting customers through the campaigns. 

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