Data analytics playing a key role in digital marketing


Digital marketing analytics is becoming helpful for brands to make more informed decisions on what they should be doing to make it work. In digital marketing, data has played a crucial role in emergence and evolution. This is the fuel on which the engine of digital marketing works. However, the success of digital marketing is based on how quality is your data, and what you infer out of it. There are over 500 million active internet users in India, as per the recent report of IAMAI. This leads to a colossal amount of digital footprint, enabling the marketers to show their best or to put their masterpiece for studying customer behavior.

The crux of marketing is always understanding customer behavior, targeting them, and introducing relevant offerings. However, data plays a key role to present the product in the right place, at the right time, and too for the right person.

The entry of digital marketing gives an end to those days where you would make a product and wait for the customers to purchase it. With the power of data digital marketing, can easily access who (will buy), where (will it sell), and what (will it serve) of your potential market. The market can be identified with these three crucial inputs which can help to design the product.

Nowadays the organizations are trying to connect with the customers and trying to gain their attention and loyalty to strengthen their presence. Although, the products and services are playing a major role, being in the hearts or mind of the consumers will play a crucial role as well to gain loyalty, this mainly depends on how differently you handled your customers from your competitor, how you make feel the customer you are giving value to them, and showcase that you have solutions for the problems raced by the customers.

Digital marketing helps the companies to make their decisions more informed on what they should be doing to make it work for them, and what it cannot do, is to make decisions on their behalf. The analysis will tell you that it is going to rain, and it won’t carry the umbrella for you.


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