Companies applying Deep Neural Network techniques to contain Covid 19 outbreak


Machine Learning (ML) finds multitude of uses nowadays across different industries and especially after the onset of COVID-19 it is embraced more than ever. But what is ML? and What makes ML work?

Deep Learning is a part of ML, where the machine learns and thinks like a human and takes decisions. Neural networks in the ML technologies enable the deep learning characteristics. These neural networks are like the neurons of the human brain, that helps in understanding the complex relationships and patterns and aid the machine to perform necessary task.

Subsets of Machine Learning

  • Neural networks

As mentioned already, neural networks help the machine to learn and recognize images and enables it to make decisions. The more is the number of networks, the more complex tasks it can handle. Deep neural network has 1000 or more neurons per layer. It helps in finding patterns in the data and to make predictions with high accuracy.

This predictive ability of ML is highly appreciative at these times. It can be used to predict the potential spread and identify the potential carriers of COVID-19. This insight received from the prediction made by the ML, can help experts, governments, and the entire mankind to be best prepared for the worst-case scenario.

BlueDot’s AI was successful in its prediction about COVID-19 and in the prediction of Zika virus spread to the US.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

This enables the machine to understand and interpret the human interactions and languages.

NLP-powered AI can help tracking the mentions about the coronavirus on the social media posts, twitter tweets or in any open forum discussions over the internet. Hence any help requests or emergency medical aid requirement for any patients affected by the virus can be identified and addressed immediately.

IBM Watson Assistant for Citizens could handle coronavirus-related phone calls easily.

Alibaba’s DAMO NLP model is another breakthrough in the development of robust natural language understanding systems.

  • Deep Learning

This is a machine learning tool that helps in processing any amount of data via neural networks and analyses the bigdata to make decisions like a human being.

This deep learning is used in the field of research and drug discovery for COVID-19 and facilitates the researchers in analyzing the huge amount of data available.

Some applications of neural networks: language interpreting tools, image processing, video analytics, self-learning system and IoT.

In the years to come, ML and its subsets are going to have significant impact in our lives. Knowledge on ML and its algorithms are going to be a game-changer.


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