‘Dhun Workouts’ launched by BIG FM


India has been facing a rising health crisis for the past couple of years, and the citizens are taking extra care of their health through sports, exercise, and meditation, among other things.

Following the same thought, BIG FM, one of India’s leading radio networks, in partnership with WAT Consult has launched ‘Dhun Workouts’, an initiative for the workout of the lungs and soul. These exercises won’t be the usual ‘Breathe-Hold-Release’ that is too common these days in the health and fitness space.

The initiative will also have an element of Bollywood fun, using the latent potential of Bollywood music that will leave audiences singing along and enjoying their heart’s content.

The purpose of Dhun Workouts is to curate a list of Bollywood songs that can help in better concentration and breathing. All these songs will be played on the radio network every hour for 30 seconds. BIG RJs will be encouraging the listeners to sing along to the Dhun.

These lung workouts can be done anytime and anywhere because listeners only have to sing along to the tunes and as a result, they will see their lungs feel better after the exercise.

The songs can help listeners breathe better, which will help them to concentrate better. It can also improve posture to assist efficient breathing, overall aiding to healthy lungs. Other than being played on air, the tracks will also be promoted digitally, and on-ground in schools, malls, corporate offices, etc.

The past two years have taught humanity the importance of having good health. In the midst of the covid pandemic, having good lung health has been of utmost importance.

There will be some popular Bollywood tracks for the listeners to sing along. Other than the participation of BIG RJs, the Dhun Workouts campaign will also have celebrities and digital influencers joining the workouts and beseeching their fans to do the same.

Furthermore, BIG RJs will encourage schools, colleges, and the corporate workforce to participate in the workout activity with them. BIG FM online and digital platforms are extensively promoting the campaign. To have an amazing lung workout, tune into BIG FM on-air and their social media platforms.

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