BIG Living, a social commerce platform by BIG FM


BIG Living, a social commerce platform by BIG FM. BIG FM is the country’s leading radio network. It has launched a new commercial space for those who believe in the Buy Good, Do Good, Feel Good philosophy of life.

In response to the alarming demand from the audience. BIG FM has invented BIG Living for products that are curated for customers who care for themselves and the environment.

BIG Living is invented to address the needs of responsible citizens. It will connect the consumers to like-minded brands, artisans, and designers.

The platform will feature diverse and creative talents from the country. RJs from BIG FM have carefully selected the products.

The ‘Health & Wellness’ section will feature products for the body and mind. The section ‘Giving Back’ will help the audience bring smiles and joy to people’s lives. 

The ‘Locally Made’  section will feature local businesses their products through the platform.

The  ‘Workshop’ section will feature sessions for personal growth and upskilling. The best of talents from the country and their magnificent creation will be featured through the ‘Artisans and Designers’ category.

To bring about a positive change, it is the small everyday choices one makes that matter. 

BIG Living is a one-stop shop that offers sustainable products and modern-day services to users said Sunil Kumaran, Country Head, Product, Marketing and THWINK BIG, BIG FM.

BIG Living will offer organic products and support to local businesses and artisans. It will also organise creative workshops. 

BIG Living utilises the strengths in the area of digitalisation as well the state-of-the-art production capabilities of BIG FM to bring a platform that will help brands and consumers to connect.

Leading an ecologically sound and conscious living is definitely the need of the hour and hence this platform is accessible 24/7 to everyone across the country.

BIG FM will offer content via, DIY tips from the creative experts, Live with BIG FM RJs, and BIG Living mantras.

BIG FM will offer brands community-building opportunities. Brands can share stories and initiatives. 

RJs will promote the curated products online and on-air. 

These brands include Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale, Jiden Inc, Sunrise Masale (ITC), Bare Necessities, To Be Honest (TBH), Sheth Brothers (Pratikar Green Tea),  Gourmet Foods, Soulspiti, and Lux Lyra.

BIG Living, the social commerce website is promoted across the social media platforms of BIG FM and its partners.

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