Dunzo celebrates their Pride Month beyond July

Source: Google Play

The month of June was one of the proudest months wherein people celebrate the pride of the LGBTQ+ community as a wholesome community that is a part of the world’s society. The universally adopted community is still considered taboo in various countries, some people still think that this community of LGBTQ+ community is not a part of the world society, and they should be detached from the part of the world. Therefore, to tackle and surpass this thought, Pride Month is celebrated.

In a recent series of events, the month of June has been universally accepted to celebrate as Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community, but tech giant and famous company Dunzo has decided not to levy or restrict the campaigns regarding the pride month and came forward with the idea of keeping the ads related to LGBTQ+ community intact even after passing of the Pride Month. This quick commerce starts up that is based in India regardless of surpassing Pride Month decided to carry forward the legacy of the community and not discontinue the campaign that may create a greater impact on the thinking of society.

Dunzo made sure that the campaign about the LGBTQ+ community runs after the end of Pride Month, keeping that in mind, they created a campaign that centers on the community releasing a 90-second animated film that has the styles of both 2D and 3D animation of the people. The film features two of the dedicated mascots of the company, named Jasmeet and Careline Ringraj they are part of the LGBTQ+ community and are proud of the community to which they both belong. The couple had a shot the animation of the campaign to make the remembrance of the community and makes realize that each community and every person residing in this world has the right to choose what and which specific gender type, caste, or community they want to be known and this makes the viewers discrete about the importance of the Pride and the taboos that are still prevalent around these topics.

The important part of this campaign is about the origin of the company is India based where the nation is trying to embrace the community as their own wherein on contrary, the whole world is disowning the sense of pride and the UN is fighting to get the rights of these people over decades.  

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