‘Dussehra Wisdom’ #GoodOverCOVID campaign by Columbia Pacific Communities


Dussehra is known to be an Indian festival that celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the prevalence of good over bad. Indians all over the world celebrate the festival with great enthusiasm as well as a fanfare.

Even though, the celebrations are going to be different this year, due to the pandemic. It’s important to prioritize safety over anything else this year, as there are 7.31 million COVID cases already in the country and the number of cases increasing day by day. With the key message #GoodOverCOVID, Columbia Pacific Communities, a senior living operator, launches a 10-day Dussehra campaign titled ‘Dussehra Wisdom’.

The campaign ‘Dussehra Wisdom’ came from residents of Columbia Pacific Communities, who are attempting in highlighting the importance of following the COVID-19 protocol such as continue to build your immunity, maintaining social distancing, staying indoors, and most importantly, wearing a mask. Currently, India has the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases, after the USA, and has already surpassed Brazil. However, with the economy opening up, people have become less cautious of the virus which is leading to rising positive cases across states.

The campaign is an attempt to remind people that the war against COVID-19 is far from over. The campaign will be creating awareness among the people regarding the need for obeying the COVID-19 protocol during the time of celebrating Dussehra. And we should be socially responsible and particularly think of the most vulnerable demographics to the virus – seniors and infants, even while we embrace the festive spirit.

Piali Dasgupta, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Columbia Pacific Communities, commenting about the campaign stated that the source of infinite wisdom is the seniors in their communities. From them, the pearls of wisdom disseminated through the nine days of Navratri. During the festive season, the campaign is their humble appeal to everyone to stay protected and maintain COVID-19 protocols to ensure infection levels are in check. And this year, the evil is the virus. The only thing which could help us win the fight against the virus is a good sense of people. With the share-worthy posts on digital media, Columbia Pacific Communities would like to spread this important message of public health towards society.


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