Elever fuels the chase of passion with #PowerYourPassion


Bangalore, 09 August 2022: The allure of 9-5 jobs is rooted in one and only belief- the belief of stability. The steady income of the typical day jobs is chased by most, but according to a study by Oracle, 1 in 4 people who feel stuck in their careers included financial instability as their biggest hurdle. 

In their #PowerYourPassion campaign, Elever aims to raise awareness on ensuring financial stability so one could be free to pursue what they desire and stop holding back! To do that, Elever is collaborating with Navneeth Krishna, an ex-Google employee who left his stable career to pursue his career as the beloved Sports broadcaster one knows him today. 

“I resonated with the concept of the whole campaign as it is something I have personally experienced. It is a tough decision to give up a good salaried job, it poses questions and situations in your mind that you never knew could even be issues, but it also results in the life you always wish for. With this Elever initiative we hope to raise awareness on how one could plan their current finances through a goal-based investment platform and get started with their life, with the freedom to choose this time!”, said Navneeth Krishna, Sports Commentator, Star Sports & RCB 12th man, in this collaboration. 

Commenting on the campaign, Santosh R, Co-Founder, and CMO, Elever said, “We could not think of a better person to collaborate with for this campaign. Through Navneeth’s example, we want to show people the possibility and hope for their dream life and how planning things like their current finances can give them the edge that can convert their dreams to reality.” 

The team at Elever has created a free template that will help people estimate the inflation-adjusted financial requirement for giving their passion a proper shot – and then help them achieve this by utilising Elever’s AI/ML engine to create a customized investment plan. 

For more information, visit (https://goals.elever.app/poweryourpassion/


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