ENO launches Digital Advertising Campaign with four films


GSK Consumer Healthcare’s body acid neutralizer brand ENO has released its greatest ever digital film on YouTube and on leading OTT Platforms. The campaign has four movies focusing on various buyer behaviors, each of which has been picked on the basis of customer bits of knowledge and learnings from the past promotions. With this promotion, ENO strengthens its accreditations and made them the leading brand. The promotion is conveyed through a fascinating and connecting tune named “Gadbad Gadbad”.

Watching videos, late-night has gone up in the current pandemic scenario. Because of this, midnight eating is common. Additionally, eating late around evening time and absence of rest causes acidity inside the body that is the place where ENO steps in the image to associate with those people with a particular promotion that runs from 10 PM to 3 AM.

The acidity rate is practically equal for all people despite their gender. On a survey, it has been found out that Eno’s users have consistently been male. This is the first promotion on the digital platform that the brand talks explicitly to the female crowd through a female hero, which will connect with a larger female audience.

Surprisingly for the first time, the brand is associating with ‘youth at heart’ – a marginally elder seasoned quintessential foodie who can’t control their food cravings, and acidity plays a big concern for them.

Vijay Sharma who is the Area Marketing head of OTC and Expert Marketing ISC in GSK Consumer Healthcare stated that Eno is a large brand that is a part of everybody’s life. He added that the campaign blends the knowledge with an interesting sing-a-tune approach, strengthening Eno’s certification in assisting customers with carrying on with their lives constantly and the customer’s reaction has been very encouraging.

He further added that they are certain that the methodology of customized communication will connect with both their old and new purchasers.  He was sure that the ad will cross over 52 million views on youtube and other OTT platforms like Zee5, Mx player, and Hotstar in four different languages such as Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, and Bengali.


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