EssenceMediacom began operations with 120 offices worldwide

EssenceMediacom began operations with 120 offices worldwide
EssenceMediacom Marketing branding

Intending to bring marketing breakthroughs to their clients, EssenceMediacom, Group’s newest and largest agency, officially launches today. The agency was established to uncover fresh opportunities for brands and provide truly integrated media solutions, upending the preexisting paradigms in media, creativity, innovation, and analytics. 

The 10,000-person EssenceMediacom organization is headed by Global CEO Nick Lawson and combines MediaCom’s scaled multichannel audience planning and strategic media expertise with Essence’s performance, data, analytics, and creative technology DNA.  

The agency will be in charge of over $21 billion in global media billings when it debuts and boasts an impressive clientele that includes both local and international companies. 

Being a part of GroupM, WPP’s media investment group grants EssenceMediacom access to the most comprehensive data sets, reliable benchmarks, and cutting-edge capabilities available in the market. These resources are provided by GroupM Nexus, the company’s division for cross-channel performance, and Choreograph, GroupM’s market-leading provider of data and technology services.   

The CEO of EssenceMediacom for South Asia, Navin Khemka, stated, “I am looking forward to this transformational role in leading the combined agency of Essence and MediaCom. With the merger, we will be able to future-proof our talent and provide unparalleled services in one of the markets that are expanding the fastest, which is India. We appreciate your continued support and partnership, with all of our clients. Now, our clients can anticipate the sophistication EssenceMediacom will provide to succeed in the modern era.  

In addition to Mindshare and Wavemaker, Prasanth Kumar, the CEO of GroupM for South Asia, stated, “GroupM’s global merger of Essence and MediaCom has given us a fantastic opportunity to have the top 3 brands in India. Together with complementary skills, Essence and MediaCom land. 

and create a competitive edge for clients in data, technology, digital, and media expertise.  

Global CEO of EssenceMediacom, Nick Lawson, stated: “This process has taken nine months to complete, and I am beyond thrilled to see our goal of uniting Essence and MediaCom finally come true. Our people will be the foundation of our ground-breaking agency, and we’ll remain steadfast in our commitment to give them a place where they can learn new things constantly and develop into the best versions of themselves. I do not doubt that we will deliver breakthroughs across our entire client base if we work together with analytics, data, and technology at our core. 

According to Christian Juhl, Global CEO of GroupM, “the marriage of MediaCom’s scale and strategic know-how with Essence’s measurement and data-driven DNA creates something truly unique in the marketplace. The launch of EssenceMediacom ensures that we have the solutions and thinking to meet the needs of every brand and marketer seeking to grow their business in the new economy, along with Mindshare, Wavemaker, and mSix&Partners. I can’t wait to see how EssenceMediacom’s dedication to innovation will alter people’s perceptions of what is possible in business, culture, and marketing while producing immeasurable value for our customers. 

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