Eximius Ventures launches Student Venture Partner Program


Eximius Ventures is a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) registered micro venture fund, which was founded in 2020, in Delhi NCR invests in pre-seed stage start-ups across gaming, health tech, and fintech.

The founder and managing director, Pearl Agarwal, strongly believe when the capital is plenty, coordinated investors are rare.

Eximius founder says “We provide funding for small businesses with founders who believe ups and downs. Above all, we value the bravery, passion, and experience of founders rather than their pedigree, background, or industry.” Eximius is also a great supporter of female founders. We give priority to female founders and propose they become equal partners in building a sustainable economy.

Recognizing the potential of start-ups by students, it launched its first unit of the Student Venture Partner Program, an initiative designed to allow undergraduate Indian students by sourcing and support upcoming start-ups from their campuses.

Zepto, an instant groceries delivery service started by two 19-year-old entrepreneurs from Stanford, recently raised $60Mn in its first institutional round.

Some examples of successful student entrepreneurship that we can see around the start-up field today, companies like OYO (student dropout), Practo (NIT Karnataka), and Pepper Content (BITS Pilani) which gained significant investor confidence.

The founder and managing director, Pearl Agarwal, share the motivation behind starting the program, “As the start-up environment in India matures, we will see an increasing number of entrepreneurs emerging from colleges. Through Eximius, we are developing an environment to help and encourage new entrepreneurs with the required network and capital.”

Eximius Ventures aims not only to accelerate the success of developing stage student-led start-ups but also to groom the Student Venture Partners to become a part of the VC environment.

Through this program, we are aiming not only to fast-up the success of emerging-stage student-led start-ups but also to prepare the Student Venture Partners to become a part of the VC environment.

They are conducting a one-year program that will arrange up to $500,000 to Student Venture Partners for investing in start-ups from their network. Also, enables each of them to present deals to Eximius internal committee (IC) and gain hands-on experience of working at VC.

The program has selected three students, the first one from IIT Delhi, Aryan Mittal, and the second one from IIT Bombay, Bhargav Chaudhari, and the last one from IIT Kharagpur, Parth Goel. The program is to start in December 2021.

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