eZee Technosys launches ‘eZee Mint’


A hotel tech provider in South Asia, eZee Technosys has initiated smart and dashing hotel revenue management software called ‘eZee Mint’ that adjusts revenue by the prices.

The company aims to complement the previous products and offer them effectively. Also, routine up-gradable tech solutions ultimately help the industry to maximize a larger amount of profit. eZee is happy for YoY growth of 47% within the license.

The software is intended and developed in step with the magnitude of revenue management which has different level property assessment, real-time inventory synchronization, past and present business performance analysis, analysis to deploy an intelligent pricing engine.

eZee Mint is taken into account because of the worldwide recognized solution for every kind of residency business.

 eZee Mint may be a dashboard that gives insights into the day at one glance to form frequent decisions. By the introduction of technology in self-acting revenue management systems, they’re frequently seeping into the normal hospitality industry through the comfort of driving revenue and increasing performance.

 eZee Mint is akin to the solutions of the hospitality industry as they have now. The strength shows through its potent R&D skills, industry expertise, technology, and mobile team members across the state.

 Their experts help the users in analyzing the scope of improvements and monitor competitors. eZee Mint functions on series of criteria such as demands, weekly obtrucian, seasonality, guidance time, end time booking to measure competitive rates.

 Aeijaz Sodawala – CEO of eZee Technosys, said, “eZee has constantly worked towards their software by innovation and that extremely match the needs of industry. We are going to initiate our eZee Panorama and eZee Mint in this crucial stage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

 “eZee Mint is that the best software that has the best potential to make out correct rates for the inventory and contribute towards optimization,” Sodawala said.

 According to Hitesh Patel, Co-founder of eZeeTechnosys, “The launch of eZee Mint, eZee justifies ‘hospitality altogether and altogether hospitality.’ eZee’s full suite of hospitality solutions gets advanced through most significant dynamic pricing software. In today’s scenario, when businesses are trying revival, eZee Mint could relieve them”.

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