Filling fuel tank via phone: delivery at doorstep


Fuels that are some clicks away make fuel trade easier. The strategy is simple- sign in, provide requirements, make payment, and look forward to the fuel arriving. 

 Does your business required diesel for operations? Is fetching fuel a hassle for you? Are you facing challenges because of the normal approach? 

 Then you have got a solution: Your fuel is delivered on vehicles. At your step, anytime, anywhere! Digitalization visited a superior phase during the pandemic. Doorstep delivery of food, clothing, etc. increased and paved way for the arrival of commodities like diesel into that space. 

 Earlier in 2017, PESO (Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization) has disallowed home delivery of petrol and diesel, due to safety reasons. PESO has termed the act of delivering the fuel to the purchaser’s site as illegal and fraught with danger to the final public and property. 

 Petrol pumps have the mandatory measures to fulfill the mishap if it happens so. However, the delivery at the doorstep is commonly dangerous. Even one spark can ignite the vapors emitted while filling the petrol. 

 MyPetrolPump was the first within the series of such a start-up that initiated doorstep delivery of fuel. In 2020 the Covid pandemic led to a boom of comparable start-ups. TDF is one of them.  

Founded by Rakshit Mathur, The Fuel Delivery app- TDF came into being in 2020. They aimed to cater to sectors like hospitals, corporate office parks, shopping malls, assets, agriculture, banks, schools, and other institutions. TDF started in Delhi NCR. Now it owns the market in Mumbai and Bengaluru. 

 TDF is supplying about 4000 liters of diesel daily in Delhi and around 9000 liters in Mumbai. The fuel delivery market is fast evolving with oil marketing companies agreeing with start-ups. 

 TDF is supplying diesel within the way prescribed by the PESO. Many things have to be taken into consideration. Preventing sparks, emergency measures, maintenance of pressure, etc. are the foremost important things to be considered. 

 TDF plans to expand its venture into other major cities including Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, and Pune. It also awaits approval for delivering CNG. 

 The shop dealers fear that the vehicles that need less investment can take over the market completely in the future and put the traditional one in danger. However, these start-ups can generate job opportunities at the grass-root level.  

More start-ups and plenty of more fuels are sure to enter the business.

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