Ford launches “Meet The Other side of you” campaign


The Automobile company, Ford has introduced the latest video for their product Ford Endeavour Sport, which comes along with a philosophy to “go further”. The film creates a concept that brought forward through the fact thata person might have different sides and behaviors and some are known to others, like being a professional in the workplace or at home and that there is a factor that contributes to all of it.

Through the launch of the campaign, the company focuses to encourage people to discover their other side, spend some time with it and get involved in it and through this film the company describes the feeling of driving into unexplored nature, exploring through treacherous landscapes and through rugged roads.

The campaign video was developed and produced by BBDO India and the film encourages people to come out and explore themselves with the factors that help them to keep on going and that everyone has a side that is not known to everyone and the film conveys the message to people to find out their other side.

The general manager of the consumer marketing of Ford India, Kaushik Prasad stated that the new model of Ford Endeavour sport helps to encourage the owners to create a balance in both the daily lives and as well as their adventurous part of their personality which are not explored most of the time.

The campaign “Meet The Other side of you” inspires the people to start their extraordinary path that had desired with the tested off-roading ability of the Ford Endeavour strongly along with them.

The chief growth officer of BBDO India, Nikhil Mahajan stated that the company’s had a clear idea about the campaign and that the other side should be real and also states that the reality here is something to be excited about and also has been experienced by some. 

The difficulty was that this side could not be implemented most genuinely due to the pandemic. As in many parts of India were closed for shoots or nature had offered many disasters such as landslides etc and that the company’s aim was always stable and also the company had decided that they wouldn’t give up. 


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