Royal Stag launches its new campaign with global stars


Royal Stag by Seagram has launched a new campaign featuring icons worldwide to give its ‘Make It Large’ philosophy a global outlook. “The campaign features Ranveer Singh, Diva Dhawan, Rohit Sharma, Kane Williamson, Jasprit Bumrah, McDonald Wanyama, and Young OHM who come together to send a thought-provoking message,” Can a world that thinks large, ever be small? “

The campaign was conceptualized by Ogilvy India, under the direction of German director Julian Ticona Cuba, in collaboration with the production house based in Estonia, Munchhausen, and shot in four countries. The film pivots on the narrative that there are no limits to pursuing success and that ‘large’ is limitless. At these times, this campaign has special relevance, a world that thinks ‘large’ will emerge in these trying times even stronger.

The general theme of the campaign is lively, perky and the word “It’s your life, make it big” calls out. The campaign and the partnership with global stars establish the larger than life mentality by putting forward people who aspire to make it big in every part of their lives and expresses the brand’s ideology in a fast-paced manner.

Royal Stag has always been an iconic brand with a youthful heart that motivates people to aspire, accomplish, and make it big in life, said Kartik Mohindra, Chief Marketing Officer, Pernod Ricard India.  Our new initiative captures the essence of today’s generation that does not hold back, embodies self-belief, and can go the distance to achieve their aspirations. The film captures this spirit and reveals how this inspiring philosophy is rallying among achievers from all over the world, He added.

The chief executive officer, Ogilvy India  Kunal Jeswani,  said, “Can a world that thinks large ever be small?  Royal Stag is a brand that encourages us to dream larger, to stretch our canvas of success, to go deeper. The universe is full of possibilities, and we live our lives as they were supposed to be lived as each of us tries to fulfill our potential. Big. Broad.

In the latest campaign, as multinational successors from across industries, nationalities, ethnicities, and gender come together to inspire and instill the spirit of #makeitlarge, the brand has pushed its own limits. The film pivots around the narrative that there are no barriers to the achievement of success, and ‘Big’ is infinite. At these times, this movement has a particular significance, a world that thinks “big” would emerge in these hard times ever stronger.


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