Fully Faltoo a Viacom18 production has released four new trailers


Viacom18’s Youth, Music, and English Entertainment Cluster was ecstatic to announce their entry into the fast-growing digital arena of NFT with the launch of Fully Faltoo, an NFT marketplace.

Fully Faltoo reveals four diverse, new-age, and culture-oriented NFTs that will be available for purchase on February 14th.In India, prominent brands such as MTV, Vh1, and Comedy Central have created digital collectibles that are nothing short of distinctive and quirky.

1)Bakra urf G.O.A.T

So you want a piece of G.OA.T. NFT, the famed trickster? Getting it before it gets you, is my suggestion.Gen Z has a strange perception of the 1990s as a bunch of boring prudes whose entire existence consisted of going to work, temples, the barber, and going to bed while listening to dull old tracks on the walkman.

As it turns out, we were completely wrong, because here’s the T: Where there are people who are bored out of their minds, there are cool guys who create ingenious ways to keep themselves engaged. Where?

At work, temples, barbers, and while listening to your favorite mustachioed 90s singer croon the current tunes on the walkman. The bakra is the original OG POI – India’s prankster. Even the nice-guy nineties were not spared from the G.O.A.T’s cruel lunatic pranks.

2)Rangu The Champ

“Color, Color, which color do you want?” says the great almighty.Instead, request the Rangu NFT collection.One of the things we’ve learned and come to appreciate about nature is how much of it is just weird for no reason.

In the woods, there are plenty of those completely unbelievable surprises. Now for the fun part: these freaks of nature inspired us to build our collection of even weirder, awesome-er, personal favorites NFTs!

The only stipulation? They’ve got to be incredibly cool! So, our Rangu the chameleon NFT’s coolest feature isn’t his ordinary color-shifting abilities. Ranger hasn’t done any color-swapping in a long time.

3)Winging it aka Wing it like Wingnesh

He’s pretty fly for an NFT guy. Charmer.Groover. It’s more comfortable than the Silk Road. Vignesh was winging it in the open sky and enjoying the magnificent melodies flowing into his ears on a usual night when generic romantics were busy seeking for the moon to send a pixellated capture to their long-distance honies.

He’s got a few tricks under his sleeve, some sick beats, and the wind in his hair.

What more could an NFT ask for?

Vignesh has a lot going for him: he’s a charmer with a smoother-than-desi-ghee reputation, his hair is slicked back, and he wears golden statement headphones that any audiophile would go crazy over. He’s more popular among the ladies than their preferred chapstick. But one thing stands out above the rest: he’s a fly NFT person.

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