Fund Injection amid COVID-19


India’s legislature has neglected to pay expresses the remuneration it guaranteed for supporting a nationwide tax reform , making way for a confrontation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s administration and the territories.

The conflict is over 3 trillion rupees (41 billion) that Modi government promised to pay to the state this year as the actual distribution of the fund is short by about 2.35 trillion rupees. The dispute comes at a crucial time for India’s economy, which posted the greatest constriction among significant economies last quarter, and can crease public expenditure, further postponing a recovery. India’s 29 states depend on fund transfers from the government to pay remunerations, subsidies, and infrastructure creation after they surrendered the majority of their tax making forces to permit the introduction of GST in 2017.

On the other hand, some states ruled by opposition parties have rejected the offer and have threatened action including urging court to intervene. 

Manpreet Singh Badal, the finance minister of the Northern Indian state of Punjab, he is also a member of the Goods and Service Tax Council. He raised a statement that a new dispute resolution mechanism should be implemented to solve the issue of Modi’s administration and the provinces, he added in the event that need be, they would seek the help of the Supreme Court but they will deplete this choice of moving toward the Parliament first.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every sector has been affected with the lack of sufficient fund which has distracted the proper progress and growth. Sufficient fund should be pumped in the healthcare system as well. As India is moving towards the worse circumstances that have never been faced, health sector should be given priority considering the current situation, funds should be made available. The central government should take immediate steps and provide them with necessities as the states and their respective ministers were trying hard to safeguard their states. States need to pay off salaries, wages, or pensions to people and if there is a fund shortage then it will affect the economy as a whole and also slow down the growth and development of the nation.  

States should mobilize the available resources most efficiently to cope with the current situation and the government should take immediate action to inject the remaining funds to other states for meeting their requirements in the current pandemic scenario.


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