Gaming technology of 2021


Technology is growing eminently day by day, hour by hour. Its growth never stops and every industry does not just use it instead, they are influenced by it. Such an industry is the gaming industry. The gaming industry not just adapts and implements it instead they just adopt it. Given below are what you can expect from the gaming industry this year.

Artificial Intelligence: Nim is a computerized game that was developed in 1951. This is said to be one of the first examples of Artificial Intelligence. AI is not at all a new concept in this industry. It was present from the starting itself and it’s just getting better and better day by day. 

Nowadays Artificial Intelligence is not just used in games instead, it’s now being used to create ad build games. Gaming companies have now understood the significance of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in games and how they will impact the overall user experience. Enhanced use of AI and ML will definitely show distinct changes in the industry. AI is currently shining in the gambling industry. Most of the online casinos are now implementing AI in their software to increase the user experience and also prevent addictive behavior.

Blockchain: Blockchain could be the next big thing. Allowing cryptocurrency as a payment method will definitely drive a lot of people into it. Most of them are not satisfied with the other payment options due to security reasons. Providing an alternative option would thrive interest in players to avoid the usage of other payment options.

Streaming Platform: Gamersoften make use of streamed content to inform about new games that are hitting the market. Even though most people categorize streaming platforms merely into the entertainment category, it is indeed helpful for other companies too. Streaming platforms are rising in popularity. Gaming companies can understand how well the players take their content and help to significantly improve their offers.

Virtual Reality: There has always been a talk about the use of virtual reality in gaming. Although there are a few VR games, a completely VR-enabled game is yet to come. In the present scenario bringing VR games to everyone is difficult as most of the devices don’t support VR games. This is the reason why personal VR gaming still appeals to us like a futuristic thing.  

Augmented Reality: Meanwhile AR has been used widely in the gaming industry. Pokemon Go was the first AR game.

Let’s hope for new and better innovations and their implementations in the coming years.

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