GJEPC introduces its new brand identity


The Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) India’s summit body for the Gem and Jewelry Trade in India presented their new personality today. The vision is to situate India as a one-of-a-kind objective for diamonds and adornments. 

Colin Shah, Chairman, GJEPC said, “The Gem and Jewelry Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) is a groundbreaking, comprehensive affiliation that has confidence in continually redesigning itself to line up with the quick changing and testing times. Rethinking its logo is a nonverbal methodology that says a lot of the Council’s development.” 

“The new character mirrors the situating of putting India on the worldwide stage: the objective the world goes to for diamonds and gems.” 

Prestigious office ANC planned the new GJEPC logo. The round image is illustrative of India’s ‘centrality to the business, and GJEPC’s power and significance as a pinnacle body for the business. The concentric circles address an incredible power that emanates outwards from India, contacting the world. At another level, the image firmly interfaces with the classification: pearls and adornments. 

Colin further added, “Refreshing our corporate picture was a need to adjust to the evolving times. We had before changed our personality in 2011. Since the time then, at that point, the ethos of the Council has likewise developed. Change is the solitary steady and just the ones who adjust to the change can endure and succeed. The new logo is a powerful method to connect the Council’s ethos of unwavering quality, comprehensiveness, and reliability, which the business has come to perceive throughout the long term.” 

“The new brand personality presents the GJEPC as a zenith body driving sectoral development by interfacing government and exchange and advancing Brand India on a worldwide level through different drives. It signifies an association of our way of life and a forward-looking industry body situating India as a focal point of greatness for the pearls and adornments industry.” 

The new roundabout logo including unbiased shadings with expanding spokes exhibits the solid job that the Council plays as a facilitator between the business and the Government. The plan has the necessary credits in projecting strength but then having a cutting edge viewpoint, which was abundantly demonstrated during the pandemic when the GJEPC pushed for conditional computerized arrangements and directed the world’s first virtual B2B purchaser dealer meets and IIJS career expos among others. 

Milan Chokshi, Convener, Promotions, Marketing, and Business Development, GJEPC said, “The logo ought to be representative of the height of the Council. Additionally, the time had come to advance… how marks internationally can adjust to the innovation and these huge number of reasons prompted us to go into this activity.”

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