Godrej Industries celebrates 10 years of Good & Green journey


Godrej Industries, a part of Godrej Group, a multi-national and multi-industry company headquartered in Mumbai, India celebrated ten years of sustainable journey on the 29th of July 2021. The company announced the pinnacle of the first phase of the Good & Green vision which exceeded all its environmental, healthcare, and educational targets.

The aim of Godrej Industries and Associate Companies is to contribute to reducing our global footprint. More than 2,900 Godrej employees, in 2019, started an initiative across 60 locations in 9 nations and asked them to participate in the Group’s 5th International Global Volunteering Day event to promote the elimination of single-use plastic. The initiative actually helped clean up and collect around 12.6 tonnes of solid waste. The volunteering day was designed to spread the message about eliminating plastic use and also to create ownership among employees across all businesses. The organization also took efforts to spread the message across a community level. The company managed to successfully train and support over half a million underprivileged people to enhance their income and protected 3.5 million people against vector-borne diseases.

Commenting on this achievement the Managing Director of Godrej Industries and the Chairman of Godrej Agrovet, Mr. Nadir Godrej, said: “Our vision was to go beyond business and focus on building a more inclusive and greener India. I am proud that with the help of our team, we have been able to deliver excellent results against our environmental and social targets and exceeded most of them. Along the way, we’ve faced a few challenges and learned some lessons. With the first decade behind us, we are now looking at achieving bigger and bolder sustainability goals and build a more equitable and greener nation.

The Industries aim to spread even further to 150,000 people in emerging economies with skills and livelihoods support to help them in increasing their incomes and to safeguard 10 million people against vector-borne diseases. Creating employability, improving the healthcare system, building proper waste management systems for the eight municipalities in India, is what the Industries aim for! To achieve its goals Godrej Industries and Associated Companies even collaborated with further companies who wanted to help them with their vision. Together these companies analyzed, found support and solutions for those in need, and help in creating a better present and future.

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