Grapes with Hindware launches another leg of the ‘Build a toilet, build her future’ campaign


New Delhi, 21st November 2022: After receiving a tremendous response across India for its campaign, ‘Build a toilet, build her future,’ the brand this year has embraced a digital media route to make people aware of the cause. To drive the amplification of the campaign Hindware has joined hands with Grapes. 

Grapes decided to take the brand’s endeavor of ‘Build a toilet, build her future,’ to the next level. Hence, by seeking the digital marketing prowess of the agency, the visibility of the campaign was escalated across the social media platforms. The entire campaign was curated with the aim to drive awareness around the serious issue of how a missing toilet facility could cost the girlchild her right to education.      

Supporting the brand in its noble cause, the agency came up with a thought-provoking idea, and as part of the creative they launched GIRL TOILET POSTERS on social media, each creative highlights a message on girls’ education. It showcases the gravity of the situation with the huge number of girls being unable to pursue their dreams owing to the lack of toilet. The creatives vastly talked about how due to the dearth of sanitation, and the inadequate facility of girls’ toilets in rural areas deprives the basic right to girls which is the right to education. 

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Other than this, the campaign intended to celebrate the ones who take care of the hygiene of girls in village school by ensuring proper sanitation for them. Sanitation workers deserve a round of applause for their contribution and the brand feels the honour to have them in their journey towards building the future for girls. The agency took care of the entire social media strategy to reach out to the maximum number of audiences.  

Through the execution of the social strategy, Grapes effectively emphasized the brand’s commitment to promote good health and hygiene. In 2020 on World Toilet Day, Hindware began its mission to send girls back to school, by helping build toilets in schools. Carrying forward the same initiative, for the third consecutive year, Hindware is determined to make sure girls don’t miss school again. 

As an integrated marketing agency, Grapes curated the campaign to instill sensitivity amongst the masses. It encouraged people to join hands with Hindware in its mission to secure the education of girl by providing them hygienic toilet accessibility at schools. It played a major role in driving attention to this underlying issue which usually gets unnoticed by the people.  

Grapes coming with the expertise of elevating the digital presence of the brands provided the gateway for Hindware to engage with the millennials who are highly active on social media. 

On the occasion, Shradha Agarwal, Co-founder and CEO of Grapes, said, “Today millennials and Gen Z want to support a noble cause, but it becomes extremely difficult for them to identify the same in this over cluttered market. With 10,000 ads being exposed to them on digital every day, we had to ensure, our creative should firstly be eye catching to attract this low attention span and secondly hit hard for them to understand the importance of the same. HINDWARE GIRL TOILET POSTERS, justifies both the aspects properly.” 

In this initiative, to date, Hindware has touched the lives of around 2 million girls since 2020 by providing a clean sanitation facility at schools to stop the girls from dropping out of school. Where it started with 8 schools at the beginning of the initiative, this year the brand has plans to build and renovate 80 toilets while taking up to 5 states under the plan.  


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