Haier Connects people with their latest digital film on this Diwali.


The pandemic has created a major loss for the entire nation, especially in the industrial sector. The big companies have suffered a major loss in the supply and demand of products while the small companies were forced to shut down and go out of business. In these moments people lost their jobs or were forced to work at home.

 This “Diwali” would be different compared to the rest due to COVID-19 where the workers are not allowed to do work in the office and of course are not allowed to celebrate events in buildings on Diwali. Haier India has made a digital film in collaboration with Zero Zero Creative Solutions to bring the employees, security guards, and different members of the company together in these critical times. This story revolves around the feeling of employees.

The story starts where a security guard-Mr. Yadav Ji misses his colleagues on Diwali night, where various memorable events of the past have flashed before him realizing how fun and joyfulness the previous Diwali was. It shows how much Mr. Yadav Ji suffers from loneliness with his colleagues. This makes us understand the importance of the connection between different members of the company. In the finale, the security guard was greeted by his colleagues as he lights a Diya in the room. In this, it shows us that people can unite as one if we desired.

The film has premiered across Haier’s digital platform. N S Satish Senior Vice President of sales and marketing Haier appliances of India and Kaushik Roy the Co-founder and Creative Director of Zero Zero Creative Solutions had made their comments about the importance of Diwali and hoe this film could bring the colleagues of Haier India company together. This is not only for the company but for others as well.

This interesting idea brought by Haier India of making a film to bring people closer with each other has made a great impact on the network and especially on the employees themselves. These are the times where people would bring remarkable ideas to bring satisfaction to people and making a great achievement of uniting us as one.


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