Database Migration Service for Enterprises by Google Cloud


Moving production databases to the cloud will be easier for enterprise customers of Google Cloud. It announced that its serverless database migration system (DMS) is available for preview. This system allows the users to migrate MySQL, SQL, and PostgreSQL server database to cloud from on-premises cloud or environments. 

Database migration is not a simple practice for most businesses. A simplified and highly compatible product experience is delivered with Database Migration Service (DMS) so that our customers have an easy and secure way to migrate their databases to Cloud SQL no matter what. General Manager and Vice President, Engineering, Databases at Google Cloud Andi Gutmans stated. 

In general, the data migration service (DMS) helps its users to migrate email, calendar, or other data and is a free product offered by Google. Still, administrators can employ the Google Admin console to migrate the data to Google Workspace. There are quite a few items to consider before using this data migration service Migration and the most important item is that it can only occur from a single-source server to Google Workspace. However, the new google cloud DMS for enterprises is serverless platforms.

To eliminate the manual hassle of customers for provisioning, managing, or monitoring specific migration resources, DMS is a unique and serverless platform for migration services. It assists customers to take benefits of local replication abilities and to evade incompatibilities between source and destination, especially for metadata operations. And at Google Cloud, Cloud SQL is one of the fastest-growing services across the globe. Migrations from legacy on-premises as well as other cloud database services to Cloud SQL, where enterprises can win advantage of exclusive integrations with Google Kubernetes Engine for development and BigQuery for analytics, are accelerated by Database Migration System (DMS).

 Industrial giants like HCL’s customers across every industry are deploying to the cloud to be more responsive, safe as well as scalable. Mr. Sanjay Singh, Vice President & Head of HCL Google Cloud Ecosystem at HCL said that they are also searching for a trusted and experienced partner to deliver back to back experience in migrating their production workloads without disturbing their business. Their migration path is accelerated by Database Migration Service to help unlock the advantages of Google Cloud databases, he concluded. 


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