‘Havas SPARK’ internship program introduced by the Havas Group India


Havas Group India is projecting its unique internship opportunity to help freshers add a spark to their careers. The Havas Spark program aims to offer vivid and skilled interns, educational and career development opportunities through practical experience in a professional work environment in Havas, prime to exhilarating career opportunities in the future. 

This starts off offers Havas Group India not only to tap young and talented individuals with new-age skills and new perspectives on business issues but also to find future business leaders who can create great variations in business. 

The program is designed to offer selected participants a 6-month internship that includes formal and professional study opportunities, work on exciting and challenging live projects, and the opportunity to earn a full-time job post on completion. 

During the initial period, the program chose about 15 freshers in the fields of new and upcoming media, advertising, data, analytics, digital marketing and e-commerce, and will be subject to a 6-month workplace experience that includes both virtual and classroom sessions, assignments, job rotations, live projects, and final project submission. 

Fifteen interns will be selected through a meticulous filtering process that has an online aptitude test, role-specific assignments, and personal interviews. The idea is to include the maximum number of interns as confirmed employees in various Havas agencies and departments after the successful completion of the program. 

This full batch will have individual advisors, as well as senior management leaders, who will work in hand with the workers to ensure consistency, proper learning, and skills development. 

The CEO of Havas Group India, Rana Barua said that the philosophy of Havas Group India is to make a fruitful distinction between brands, businesses, and the people who work with us.  When this innovative program is freed, I am excited that it provides an opportunity to balance the right talents and embellish them with advertising, media, and help them establish a strong and solid foothold in the digital world. 

As professionals, we, the established agencies and networks, take on the challenge of talent shortage and help the young and talented grooms who need guidance, direction, and overall guidance to ignite the spark that can create magic in our industry, said by Barua. 

The CHRO of Hawass Group India, Vandana C Tilwani, said that she was very thrilled to go live with this program. They have been working on it for the last year and are waiting for the right opportunity to release it. 

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