Here’s how Apple can cope with the $230 billion luxury car market


If Apple Inc. is going to succeed in its car project, it needs to target that $ 230 billion luxury vehicle market. The investors may become happy while doing so. But it would not be fair to dismiss 125 years old executives like Mercedes-Benz. 

Reuters reported last month that the iPhone market has intensified efforts to build its own vehicle, which is at least five years away from production, Bloomberg News revealed on Thursday. Since the project began in 2014, Apple has been the subject of numerous missteps, dismissing hundreds of staff. In 2016 and 2019, increasing costs and shifting its focus from electric vehicles to self-driving technology and come back. 

For its recent stock market success, Tesla Inc. has demonstrated a lack of automotive experience, repeated endurance of production Snafus, and loss of production targets. 

About 5 years ago the Canadian company with Apple had about 100 employees, for helping to lead the technology of the company through the engineering process. But working with Manga never got a degree in how to build or work a car. 

Around the time along with Manga Apple has an option for another group Foxconn technology group, which will manufacture iPhones under contract is also entering the automotive industry- a joint venture with Milan-based automotive giant Flat Chrysler Automotive NV, which merges with France’s PSA group. Now certainly established carmakers are very serious candidates. 

A local report given on Friday said that Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co. appeared to be in talks with Apple before the statement could be repeated. Such type of collaborations helps to solve some of the problems faced by Apple. 

First claims in best techs are getting from the Californian company. It’s the most profitable one for the suppliers. Hence become the biggest player. 

If Apple wants to specialize in the latest cutting-edge-3D sensor technology, suppliers are falling for themselves to contribute to more than 200 million iPhones the company expects to sell this year. 

As Apple learned in 2016, it’s different for cars. a supplier is not encouraged any specified components in the expected number of vehicles to be exported in the first year or when it may occur. But in that year 10 million vehicles will sell by Volkswagen AG. 

Price is a clear way to fill the gap. Apple is not going to build a mass-market car. It was to be a luxurious vehicle, which worth $100,000, mainly it has automatic capabilities that use sophisticated  

Lidar technology. 

Apple has a great opportunity to become a serious car manufacturer. The best way would be a price point closer to a Ferrari than a Fiat. 


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