HMD Aims Leveraging its Reach Through Paytm Ads


HMD Global Oy, one of the leading mobile design and manufacturing company and the home brand of Nokia has collaborated with Paytm Ads, during the launch of its new mid-segment phone Nokia 5.3. Through the alliance with Paytm Ads, the company aims at targeting and directing relevant audiences to the brand’s website as well as to achieve the required click-through rate. HMD has introduced its new mid-segment phone Nokia 5.3 last September in the market. Aiming at leveraging the wide user base of Paytm to achieve maximum engagement and reach on Nokia’s e-commerce stores and websites, it has entered into the partnership with Paytm Ads. Simultaneously they also focus on driving the high-quality customers on their website, who probably has the intention to purchase their smartphones. The decision to partner with Paytm ads not only help HMD to achieve their media objectives but also to broaden their customer base. HMD can have access to the data of Paytm Mall as well as can leverage the usage of Paytm’s ability to laser target the audience. Seeking advantage of Paytm’s vast customer base of HMD can develop campaigns that can target the customers intending to purchase the smartphones. The campaigns of HMD such as of Nokia 5.3’s are all high voltage sales campaigns that depend intensely on the kind of stringent tracking. Wavemaker and Paytm’s team are working together for reporting, analyzing, and optimizing campaigns to achieve the required click-through rate for their campaigns. Once the optimization set in and the metrics were stable the clients will be able to receive the required click-through rate on a consistent level. The custom Cohort created for this campaigns mainly focus on active users who have either searched or browsed for smartphones on Paytm Mall or who previously purchased budget smartphones or those who transacted in the recharge and utility category and also who transacted either through online or offline mode in technology, mobile, sports or OTT.

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