Hong Kong Tourism Board requests the local people to practice the “Holiday at Home” Campaign


As a reaction to the Covid-19 outbreak, many governments have provided entry restrictions for different categories, making Hong Kong individuals unlikely to travel abroad for the time being. Luckily, it isn’t troublesome at all to discover the joy in traveling within Hong Kong, one of the world’s most famous tourist spots.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) propelled the “Holiday at Home” campaign, with the exact goal of encouraging Hongkongers to be a tourist of their own city and rediscover the magnificence of Hong Kong with another viewpoint.

HKTB Chairman Dr. YK Pang stated: “Because of the proceeded severe travel limitations and other quarantine isolate measures generated by the Hong Kong Government and different governments around the globe, the number of guest arrivals to Hong Kong stays at a very low level. Provisional data shows that around 8100 arrivals in May, about a 100% decline year on year. The HKTB’s plan to recover Hong Kong the travel industry starts with reviving the nearby market. By empowering nearby the travel industry, they plan to reconstruct the city’s dynamic climate and give the world a positive impression with the goal that, guests will feel confident about coming to Hong Kong once more.”

Dr. Pang continued, “The ‘Holiday at Home’ battle has gotten incredible help from the travel industry, retail and dining industry, cooperating to support nearby utilization. We are likewise trusting that this battle will give the travel industry and related trade a chance to heat up and get ready for inviting guests again later on. When it is feasible for guests from a specific market to venture out to Hong Kong, the HKTB will interest those guests by reaching out to them the movement and other necessary neighborhood spending data and will give offers, which are included in this battle, along with appealing flight and hotel packages.”

There are three elements for the “Holiday at Home” battle. The “Holiday at Home” campaign furnishes local people with an abundance of data on going around Hong Kong, including

1) Insiders Guides: more than 100 suggested focal points, a significant number of which are lesser-known venues and activities.

2) One-stop  Dining, Shopping, and Entertainment Offer Platform: more than 10,000 proposals from over the domain more will be added to the list.

3) Spend-to-reclaim neighborhood visits, nearby occupants can recover neighborhood visits through spending.


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