How Apple iOS privacy changes will affect the ads industry


The year 2021 is considered to be the year of change, especially for advertisers. Apple has announced the latest iOS (14.5), which has made their customers more secretive and they have stopped tracking ads. This will provide more clarity about the collection of information about iOS apps, as the new protected icons will be posted on the App Store.

Although this new security update will affect Facebook advertisers the most, it will still have an impact on all paid advertising levels to some extent. To adapt to this new development, marketers need to come up with new, advanced, and best-of-breed brands. Apple’s secret change is part of the big deal that gives online user administrators more control over how numbers use their data.

Apple’s secret transformation: an overview

Following the general release of the new iOS (14.5), all apps in the App Store will require users ’permission to browse them across a wide range of third-party apps and websites. website for advertisers and users measured activity through its organized structure for tracking applications.

Impact on advertisers

For companies that run their ads on Facebook, Google and Instagram, there are several potential side effects from these changes. The following are the key areas that affect advertisers:

Special media

Many types of targets (including redesign) no longer work for users who no longer share those IDFAs. Listing ads on all levels were affected due to limited capacity.

Measurement of ads

Mobile Planned Parenthoods (MMPs) have become a staple in the industry, having built their freeware and known capabilities into IDFA. They have now switched to SKAdNetwork, to allow the translation of struggle data. This, combined with a few examples I can suggest, would not be enough to compensate for the expected IDFA-based accuracy.

Improved stories

That holy grail of marketing practices, advertising, will no longer have its current avatar. In the absence of IDFA, an advertising campaign would not have been able to have a standard cap, establishing bases, divisions, ethical behavior, etc. In addition, Apple would have only posted the state-of-the-art information in terms of competition


The whole game of successful marketing your advertising depends on delivering successes and failures with appropriate methods, media, and/or data. Multi-way assignments will suffer unless SKAdNetwork adds more functionality. There is limited power to the rear-mounted mounts. This is only a 24-hour window from Apple, which means appointing a convertible media after that will be almost impossible.


In the future, with the release of this new update, previously converted data from supported users will be more important now than ever. Advertisers need to work on building targeted advertising with the same people from data sources, such as CRM.

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