How millennials generating money without even a college degree?


Millennials appear to be the most fortunate generation in terms of access to financial management and earning opportunities. They can now invest, save, spend, and do many other things that were unthinkable just a few years ago with the click of a few buttons or within a few minutes.

India has one of the world’s largest millennial populations, accounting for around 34% of the total population. Even when it comes to investments and money, people increasingly choose digitally acquired assets that fit into their fast-paced lives and goals.

While millennials spend less time saving and investing and more time-consuming in the pre-covid era, they appear to be more eager in making and saving money quickly using any methods available, including hazardous stock market bets and unregulated cryptocurrencies, in the post-covid period.

Here are some of the millennials’ new money-making habits:

1.Day trading, stock market investment, and initial public offerings (IPOs)

Day trading has become a profitable side income opportunity for millennials because of the availability of simple-to-use smartphone applications such as Zerodha, Groww, and Upstox.

IPOs of new-age businesses such as ZomatoPaytm, and others have also grabbed the interest of Indian millennials. They are not concerned about the hazards associated with the stock market.

2.Investing in and trading cryptocurrencies

Even though cryptocurrencies are not regulated in India, millennials are the driving force behind the appeal of these new-age digital assets in the country. According to Kashif Raza, co-founder of Crypto Kanoon, simple access to crypto exchanges via mobile applications, as well as the active involvement of millennial role models such as Elon Musk, has further pushed millennials into cryptocurrency.


It is most likely the ideal moment for people to demand wages consistent with their abilities. Rapid technological advancements are making college education unnecessary with each passing pay period, creating a high demand for competent workers in the labor market. 

4.Influencing the financial habits of others

Many millennials have turned to internet platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as blogging, to influence others’ money-making behaviors. It is not surprising that everybody who knows something is racing to share their investment, saving, and money-making Gyan via videos, articles, and even podcasts these days.

5.Adding value to the gig economy

Multiple internet platforms enable Millenials to supplement their regular income by making the most use of their abilities through freelancing employment.

6.Lending via online

According to Bhavin Patel, Co-founder & CEO of LenDenClub, P2P lending is one of the fastest-growing financial businesses in India due to its technological brilliance, platform simplicity, and resilience to market volatility.

7.Digital Gold Investing

According to Ashraf Rizvi, Founder, and CEO of Gilded, digital gold is rapidly becoming the asset of choice. Millennials seek ease of investment and better returns, but they also seek assets that help them meet their aspirations and serve as an emergency fund

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