How schools and colleges leverage from Cloud computing?


Cloud computing in education brings advantages to every student, teachers, and administrative equally. It has provided a better opportunity for the students to connect to their academics wherever an internet connection is available. The teachers can instantly upload study materials for the benefit of the students. The administrator can easily collaborate and save money on data storage.

    Smartphones, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are increasingly used as the classroom tools and they’re all linked to an array of educational resources.

       This technology has provided students to instantly access and store their work done in their home- and test-related materials on remote servers, their backpacks are lighter and they can work from wherever there is an availability of internet connection. They can also combine with classmates on group assignments without any compulsion of staying in the same room.

 In such a situation of the pandemic, this process of implementing cloud computing in the education sector has brought an effective change with both students and teachers. With cloud-based software, it has provided a chance for educational organizations to have virtual classrooms for the students. The concept reduces the infrastructural costs to a great extent. Rather, they can collaborate with skilled trainers who work remotely and serve as cost-effective resources and this will also bring great opportunity for the person who works remotely and paves the way to bring out of their circumstances. At the same time, teachers can create and deliver any sort of study materials to students anywhere. Students can even appear for virtual exams by saving their time ad they will have a chance to increase their spontaneity. This will create enthusiasm with the children and they will be more attractive to learn something through these virtual classes.

     The potential of the cloud is unrelatable when it comes to practice in real. Students can easily access the course content, applications, study materials anytime and anywhere. They can enroll in courses and participate in any kind of events as well as group activities. Another advantage of cloud computing that makes everyone to be dependent on cloud computing is extensive cost savings. Organizations that deliver learning through the cloud can adopt a VPN for ensuring data security. VPN protocols such as IKEv2, IPSec, PPTP are responsible for the automatic encryption of outgoing data and traffic.

 Finally, the college has identified cloud computing as one of our core focus areas for future endeavors and is optimistic about associated with AWS in India to impart cloud computing learning to its corresponding students to succeed in their sector.


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