HP Envy 15 meeting higher benchmark than Apple MacBook Pro


The pandemic has resurrected the laptop industry, and a big company like HP continue to capitalize on. Nevertheless, the HP Envy 15 is not for school or sports or industry consumer. It is for people, in India, who want a notebook, and do want a little extra on each of those instances. It isn’t a gaming machine, but it can handle many games, this isn’t just an ultrabook but it’s like one, and this isn’t a notebook maker, but it’s got a monitor that still fits the bill.

Yet that’s just because it’s a desktop with Windows. What the Envy 15 does is it track customers who presumably plan to purchase Apple’s Macbook Pro. Which starts with Rs. 1,19,999 for the 10th gen variant of Intel i5. This is up to Rs. 1,69,999 for the 10th gene i7 for an integrated AMD GPU. Nvidia’s Geforce 1650Ti (4 GB) and 1660Ti (6 GB) graphics are included in the cheaper models.

HP is not necessarily using this as a handheld device, but it definitely suits other casual gamers with those specifications. Games like Shadow of Tomb Raider run well on the Envy 15 and it’s worth considering when you only want a computer that can be used for gaming sometimes. When you like something snappy for daily web surfing and laptops, you do it too.

The Envy 15 is not a lightweight laptop but is sleek and compact in style. The metal outside will not scream out and blends into most boardrooms. Some complain that the style is too simplistic and with its straight lines, the Macbook Pro is sleeker and more polished. Nevertheless, they weigh just the same.

As previously stated, Envy 15 fulfils most users ‘ needs. But its keyboard and touchpad are deceptive, particularly the touchpad, as against the Macbook Pro. It’s not that easy to click on the keyboard, even although it’s nice, it needs input from keys to very successful keyboard typings.

Though, it is something of a personal problem. The keyboard has some interesting things including a fingerprint scanner instead of where one of the CTRL keys is positioned and a dedicated button for shutting out the light. On the other side, the touchpad is too small for usability. This runs on Windows Precision cars, allowing any of the movements you like, however, sometimes the scale is distracting.

  Apart from the touchpad, the Envy 15 has few inconveniences in nature. There is no battery capacity for ten more hours than the ultrabooks, but the notebooks are not meant to have that sort of technology. The Macbook Pro does, though, last about an hour or so longer than the Envy 15 i7 GTX 1660.

In short, the Envy 15 is a good laptop for those who take into consideration their buying choices. It will save you some cash and will suit most scenarios. If you are searching for the finest possible HP, this top model has an OLED monitor, offering much finer colours.


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