IBM builds AI community by collaborating with Startups


According to recent news, IBM has collaborated with 25 startups in an approach to enhance solutions through its IBM Cognitive Systems AI Community. The idea is to create a portfolio of real-world solutions designed to cut expenses and enhancing the effectiveness of business clients.

The project was unveiled earlier this year by the organization as an incentive to collaborate with the startups, establish partnerships, and support consumers on their AI journey. This is an India-specific project that involves building solutions across different categories.

As part of this effort, IBM is providing support in terms of hardware and technology requirements as well as demonstrating market access. The hardware offered by IBM is built to support startups to operate pilots. IBM Power CPUs have been utilized through organizations, including the world’s leading banks, supermarkets, and healthcare systems that rely on IBM Power to fuel their company. IBM Power, the next generation of CPUs, is also taking the technologies to the digital cloud with the introduction of IBM Power10 to address the demands of corporate cloud computing environments.

IBM Cognitive Systems welcomes businesses and start-ups to come together, plan, and understand. It serves as a stumbling block for a number of startups. The startups face a hard time adapting to the technological evolution and this initiative would help the startups to operate their business effectively and would also help them adapt to the evolving technology.

Digital transformation is opening up avenues for interaction between customers, and a lot of data is accessible in the public domain. Organizations ought to make the best of the knowledge accessible. Businesses tend to derive more benefits out of their data and either use AI and ML to infuse more flexibility into the process or use related technology to further target their business customers, said Ravi Jain, Director, Systems Hardware, India-South Asia, IBM.

AI is useful to any company and not only to massive companies. They are collaborating with the AI group and companies to address market challenges more effectively, said Viswanath Ramaswamy, Vice President, IBM Cloud & Cognitive Technology & Services, IBM India / South Asia. He also added that these numbers will grow with the number of days passing days.

Many startups, such as Arya, ai,, use IBM platforms to construct solutions. It has more than 20 applications in areas such as video analytics, insurance underwriting, e-KYC, among others.


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