India starts an anti-dumping probe into Chinese laser equipment.


The Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR) has opened an anti-dumping investigation into imports of Chinese industrial laser machines used for cutting, marking, and wielding in response to a complaint from a domestic participant. The DGTR is additionally seeking to impose anti-dumping taxes on certain goods.

The action is being done to defend the local industry from inexpensive imports. Sahajanand Laser Technology (SLTL) submitted asking for an anti-dumping probe to the authorities. within the notification, SLTL claims that dumping important business laser machines from China is causing material harm to the domestic industry.

SLTL produces products for laser systems, medical, diamond, and jewelry, RF and microwave, and machine tools for renewable energy industries. The “industrial laser machines” product is the subject of an anti-dumping inquiry. SKD or CKD shape, fully assembled, utilized for cutting, marking, or welding operations.

Laser cutting machines (LCM), laser marketing machines (LMM), and laser welding machines are all included within the product under inquiry (LWM). The industrial laser machines in question, in line with SLTL, are being dumped into India and are identical products made by the indigenous sector. The applicant claimed that these products made by the domestic industry and people exported from China don’t have any known material differences.

 “On the idea of the duly substantiated application by and on behalf of the domestic industry and having satisfied itself on the idea of clear evidence,” the DGTR stated within the notification, announcing the beginning of an anti-dumping inquiry on the products highlighted. evidence provided by the domestic industry supporting allegations of dumping of the commodity in question coming from or exported from the topic country, harm to the domestic market, and a tenuous connection between the claimed dumping and harm.

 “DGTR at this moment initiates an investigation to establish the existence, extent, and impact of any alleged dumping in respect of the merchandise into consideration originating in or exported from the topic country and to recommend the quantity of protective tariff if levied, which might be adequate remove the injury to the domestic industry,” the DGTR continued. China is the target nation of an anti-dumping inquiry.

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