Indians ready to boycott Chinese products, forget the initial loss, look at the future benefit !


The boycott of Chinese products might be an expensive decision, but in the long run, the country will benefit from this decision, says Mr.Sajjan Jindal. Looking at the long term gains by banning Chinese products, the initial loss can be neglected to a possible extension. This move might initially make businesses expensive but in the long-term, it will benefit the country even more. The industry cannot keep making money by buying, and then selling cheaper Chinese raw materials and products, while the soldiers are getting killed at the LAC by China Army.

As nationwide rage against Chinese product hikes in India, the Chairman and MD of JSW Group, Sajjan Jindal urged that the industry should unite and stop exports and imports from China. As citizens of India, it’s the responsibility and duty of each one of us to stand with the government and soldiers, as their support in this fight. Rather than just accepting and importing cheaper quality products and raw materials from China, why can’t we develop it here, underlined JSW Group Owner.

In the survey, conducted by Local Circles, around 32,000 citizens responded and the survey spread across 235 districts countrywide. And quite a good number of people were ready to boycott all the Chinese made goods for the next year. People who have already purchased Chinese goods have no option other than to keep using it but made sure they won’t make other Chinese goods purchase and focus on Indian brands.

China’s products have strengthened its grip in the Indian markets for a long time. Because Indian products are expensive than Chinese products, or rather Chinese products are far way cheaper than Indian goods. Thus leaving Indian companies unable to compete with the Chinese goods in the market. This was the story un till a few days back, but things are definitely changing, and we shall move with this new change.

Sajjan Jindal further said that the present economic crisis is an opportunity for people to come together and move forward for a stronger self-reliant India. He also urged other industries to support domestic producers in achieving the quality and scale, we are in much need of. Many industrialists are worried as their businesses with China are important, to maintain healthy margins. While several state governments have canceled the already signed projects with the Chinese firms, private bodies have stood up to ban the products from China.


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