IndiQube partners with Four healthcare companies


IndiQube is one of the most flexible and leading workspace providers in India with its headquarters in Bangalore has recently announced its latest partnership with many trusted companies in the health care industry such as, MFine, MediBuddy, and

These companies have been mostly focusing to improve and enhance the health care facilities available for the people during these challenging times of pandemic.

Meghana Agarwal, the Co-founder of IndiQube shared that “Our team at IndiQube has always given focus for providing a greater value to the community through our various partnerships. The second wave of our Covid pandemic has reminded us to focus on giving additional importance to our health and well-being of our community and people. To achieve this goal, we have cooperated with a wide variety of companies as partners in an endeavor to provide a complete sense of care as a solution for our community members”.

IndiQube is one of the top companies that provides a flexible working space in the present industry who has a portfolio spread across 6 cities with 50+ properties. They have catered workspace needs for Startups, enterprises and development centers in India. In these challenging days, the company is so committed to providing its other member companies with priority access to health care solutions as customized packages at an affordable price available in the comfort of their homes. With such a mission to achieve, this partnership will be a boon.

Madan Somasundaram, the Head of shared that “We have been in the forefront for India’s fight against Covid, and with a partnership with IndiQube would help us to provide people with healthcare solutions for startup and other companies effortlessly. We would continue to offer our help for the needy people in all possible ways, to ensure their well-being and health”.

Satish Kannan, CEO and the Co-founder of MediBuddy said that “It has been our mission from long back to provide high-quality health care solutions for our people in our community. We are delighted to have a partnership with IndiQube. As the second wave of the pandemic hits us, we put together all our forces to fight against Covid-19”.

The combined work of these companies would help in making the health care system more accessible, advanced and affordable for the customers of IndiQube as well as it ends up in a co-working industry.

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