Infectious Advertising promotes new digital film for Tata Capital


Infectious Advertising has joined a partnership with Tata Capital. The main objective of the Tata Group is to develop a corporate film based on its brand promise ‘Count on us’. Infectious Advertising is an Indian-based integrated creative agency, and also have a distinctive style on their own. This movie alludes to us a story on the dreams and hopes of the people of India, and also how this Tata Capital is best in supporting them to reach their goals.

Tata Capital’s financial solutions are structured to understand   India’s diverse customer needs, which are captured through this movie. This shot was followed by Covid guidelines, and the production had to witness many obstacles and logistical limitations for broadcasting this film that occupies the life of people across the country.

Tata Capital’s former brand tagline “We only do what’s right for you” was renamed for the first time since the firm was formed in 2007. This company provides customer loans, wealth management, commercial finance, and infrastructural finance.

“Tata Capital as a brand and organization had drastic changes over the years, and they could also hold on to the trust and make people rely on them. Our corporate digital film vibrates our brand’s promise “Count On Us ‘. They assure us that their firm will fulfill customer’s needs and aspirations with our diverse, innovative, and also provides us with customized financial solutions stated Hector Anklesaria, the associate vice president of marketing at Tata Capital.

“Tata Capital Corporate Film’s main aim was to bestow life and fulfill their promise. Count on Us is a large canvas film, which had many logistical troubles. Upcoming director Tim Dollar has done a stellar job by narrating this story – said, Ramanuj Shastry, Co-founder & Director, Infectious Advertising.

Recently, they had placed Nitin Sharma as their vice president in their business. Thereafter, Singhania has indicated that Nitin’s experience in working with bug brands across various markets had helped them to develop and expand their firm. They are interested in keeping him on board since they had shared their concepts and innovations with him. We can expect Nitin will help their firm infectious to reach the next level.

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