Information on Rolex Watch

Information on Rolex Watch
Rolex watch Premium Quality Swiss Brand luxurious watch

The world’s most exclusive and demanding brand. 

1. The Swiss company was founded in London 

Hand Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded the business in London by first assembling watch movements in watch cases that they later sold to jewelers under the name “Wilsdorf and Davis.” Later, they relocated to Switzerland due to problems with wartime taxes imposed on the importation of luxury goods, and Rolex became known as a Swiss brand. 

2. Each Rolex watch is made by hand 

Every watch is handcrafted ensuring that every step in the manufacture of watches is current. Each timepiece is manually put together and independently tested, and it takes almost a year to complete one watch.  

3. Quality control is rigorous and stringent. 

Before a Rolex watch leaves the factory, it is pressure-tested. The watch is also thrown out if there is any condensation or water infiltration. 

4. Rolex’s significance 

The word “Rolex” has no meaning whatsoever. But the founder admitted that he wanted a strong, brief name that would sound good in any language and give every watch face a premium appearance. 

5. All timepieces are captured on camera with the time 10:10. 

Every watch is set to 10:10 while being photographed, which is known as the official Rolex time. 

6. There are ten components in the Rolex winding crown. 

Rolex’s winding crown is another procedure that demonstrates their dedication to craftsmanship. The 10 parts that make up that miniature crown were all handcrafted before being assembled. 

7. Instead of lV, the Roman numeral for four is llll. 

The makers still use the “Watchmaker’s four,” which looks like this symbol llll on their watch face with Roman numerals, to make the watch aesthetically pleasing and ensure symmetry. 

Every Rolex watch is a premium watch in the world. The way it was made, its designing, materials everything was premium which gives it a premium appearance and not only in appearance it is premium from top to bottom as you can see in’s procedure of making. This handmade Rolex has taken everybody’s heart and grabbed everybody’s eyes when you wear it. 

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