‘Kadak hain’ campaign launched by Samaara Tea


A cup of tea would restore your mental health and make your normality levels remain the same. Starting from China and moving onto India, serving tea and having it is a mandatory one that most of the people does. This shows that the tea is one stable thing that every part of the world has.

Samaara tea is one famous firm that produces tea which satisfies all types of tea lovers with unique taste. This firm has a separate acceptance and has regular customers in the market.

The campaign is a digital campaign. Digital campaign is one that focuses on the online platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and lots more. As a result which increases the popularity and the reach of the product gain.

The advertisement gender stereotypes in “KadakHai”. The former term means strong which resembles the strong opinion on breaking the gender stereotype. The ad involves two colleagues, were one of the colleague questions that his wife is a homemaker, so what’s the need of her help?

The response he gets is an important statement that becomes an eye-opener of millions of Indians across the world. This campaign had a maximum reach ina country like India and also spread across the globe. This has been made easier through the digital medium such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and Twitter.

The brand uses multi modes of communications to reach the customers and inculcated the product importance in their mind, irrespective of the age category they belong to.

Their vision is to aim and break the old gender stereotypes and also reach out to the new set of audiences through the digital medium. This is ultimately a new trend in the market and help in the improvisation of the product in the market.

Usually, it is not a cakewalk for all the firms in the market to reach the height. There is the need of the application and a few strategies that makes their position even more appropriate. Thus the digital marketing will result in better in an absolute better market position. 


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